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We zijn gestart op 28 januari. Je kunt nog steeds aansluiten tot 18 februari. De vorige sessies werden opgenomen!

This is a five month journey into the exploration of your inner Sovereign Queen. In 11 online sessions we will explore the different aspects of living Sovereign Queenship. Every session you will receive an activation for yourself to really embody and manifest this energy in your life.

For whom? This is a programme for you and me, who are curious about what it means to be a woman in our times. For all of us who have the urge to live a life in the outer world that feels aligned to your values and to your inner truth. For all of us who miss companions on our journey to empowerment and sovereignty, someone who will support us when we stand up for who we are.


  • Introduction and Intentions
  • Body and Energetic Field
  • Valuing the feminine and finding balance with the masculine 
  • Self Care and Self love as a foundation
  • Expanding our mindset and unraveling restrictive patterns 
  • Prayer and connection to the divine
  • Holding space through liminal space 
  • What is holding you back from stepping into your power? 
  • Sacral energy: Sexuality and Creativity 
  • Manifestation and embodiment 
  • Crowning the Queen

Practical Information: 

We meet in Zoom on 11 Saturday mornings from 10-12 CET (Central European Time). We will send the link for the replay of each session, in case you cannot attend in person.

We will use different techniques and methods, body work and movement, breathing, meditation, shamanic tools, family constellation, belief work, sharing circle,…


28th January, 11th February, 18th February, 11th March, 25th March, 8th April, 29th April, 6th May, 20th May, 10th June, 24th June 2023


Annelies Declerck

I guide women that are on a spiritual path and who have done inner work, but still at times encounter those deep patterns that keep them from fully embodying their authentic self. I love to dive deep and help heal and resolve the deep trauma wounds from your inner child, your ancestors and even from former lifetimes, so you can enjoy your life with ease, grace and joy, experiencing yourself as who you really are!

Annelies thank you. You are an amazing facilitator of deep clearing and transmission of love.”

E. P.

Price: Standard price: 777,- euro (Als je in schijven wilt betalen: vermeld dit dan bij je inschrijving.)

Lower price if you feel you cannot afford the standard price 555,- euro

Higher price if you feel you can afford more and want to pay more: 999,- euro

Choose what is aligned with you at this time, and projecting yourself into the future.

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    Sovereign Queens

    She has been hurt

    She has been burnt

    She has been called names

    She has found shelter in hiding

    She has found remedy in fighting

    She has found healing in sharing

    Now is the time

    I hold space for her rebirth

    Now is the time

    For her to feel whole again

    Now is the time

    To shine and stand in her glory

    Because enough is enough

    Because as women

    We feel the power of NO

    Activated in our DNA

    My Sovereign Queen

    She does not stand alone

    Or in competition

    She is longing

    For the circle of sisters

    The warm embrace

    Of collective queenship

    Because we see each other’s uniqueness

    And because we know

    NOW is the time

    To stand together

    Holding space for all our fears, our hurt,

    And our anger


    The new world

    Through our collective cry

    In fierceness and in compassion

    In dark and in light

    In commitment and in surrender

    Dear Sovereign Queen

    I call upon you

    In myself, and in every woman.

    It is time

    The world

    And its children

    need us.