Annelies Declerck: who am I?

‘Healing comes from being lovingly present to what is.’

After graduating in Japanese Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven, I lived in Japan for 5 years. I continued my study of the Japanese language and finished my Master in Comparative Culture at Sophia University in Tokyo.  I was steeped in the culture, the language, the food, the lifestyle… and that’s how I first came into contact with shiatsu, Japanese pressure point massage: at the source. This first acquaintance grew into a passion and the introduction to Eastern philosophy opened the gateway to other holistic healing methods. The first stone had been laid on my path to conscious development and growth.

Besides shiatsu, meditation, systemic work, dream coaching, live the connection, kundalini yoga and shamanism are now the pillars in the centre for healing IYASHI that I birthed together with my husband, Ronny Massa in 2002. We also have 4 kids!

Today, the call of my soul brings me to the archetypes of mother, of priestess, of yogi and of shaman… inspiring me to guide people on their path.

My quality is: to be present with you in my heart and from there to make space for the earthly and the heavenly. To see, hear and feel what is needed for transformation and integration. This gives you an impulse in the themes you encounter or what you are struggling with in order to continue on your own path. We always focus on your desire and intention, and on the potential that lies ahead. Blocks that are in the way (in the form of trauma, ancestral themes, inner child pieces,…) can be healed and integrated.

Training: Shiatsu practitioner (at East-West Centre and Lifeforce Shiatsu, recognised by BSF), teacher training to become an accredited teacher of shiatsu (Lifeforce Shiatsu), Consultant Healthy Living Habits (Syntra Leuven), Evolutionary Psychology (Ignoramus academy), Training in Dream Guide and Systemic Work (De Gulden Snede), Break the Silence I and II (Interakt), Kundalini Yoga Level I (Cherdi Kala, lead trainer Shiv Charan Singh), Kundalini Yoga Level II Stress & Vitality, Conscious Communication, Lifestyle and lifecycles, Authentic Relationships & Mind and Meditation (Shiv Charan Singh), Kundalini Yoga Associate Teacher Trainer, PSYCH-K® (Basic, Advanced, Optimal Health, Divine, Pro), PER-K®, Live the Connection (Core Module, Family, Communication, Who am I, Boundary Crossing, Health) (Marina Riemslagh), Sacred Oak Academy (Rose Cole)

Additional courses: Seiki (with Frans Copers and with Kishi Sensei), Hatha and chakra yoga, pre-natal and post-natal yoga, Tao yoga, Ki for life training, Energetic Meditation (EM 1, 2, 3 and 4), macrobiotics, Wellness Coach (Syntra Hasselt), Childplay Yoga (Gurudass Kaur), Constellations of desire (Franz Rupert), Deepening days From Womb to World (Anna Verwael), Wisdom of Trauma Retreat (Gabor Maté), Structural Shiatsu (Chris Camp), Shiatsu and Trauma (Chris Camp)